Site-specific performances

It is through the body that we grow our knowledge of the world and explore our place in it. My site-specific work revolves around the body as both an inspirational and expressive medium that bridges our inner world of ideas, ambitions and imagination, and the world of our surroundings – the place where we find ourselves. I lead an imaginative workshop process that looks to develop physical and sensory relationships with the environment. These dialogues inform the developing movement material that evolves into choreography.

I have made work involving professional dancers and members of community-based groups, and together with collaborations between both – in rural and urban environments.

Between 2004 and 2012 I conceived and devised:

Much of this work drew upon a wide catchment of professional and innovative public engagement. Most of the performances involved the audience moving to catch a series of episodes as they unfolded. Nearly all received Arts Council England and various local authorities' funding.

Certain key aspects of my work that explores and establishes new physical and sensory relationships with our surroundings has been profiled in Tamara Ashley's PhD dissertation Site-sensitive dance in transition. | 01434 345 059 | | © Tim Rubidge 2013
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